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I would appreciate it if anyone if anyone could send me taped (VHS) eps of The Tribe from any season. Please anyone if you can help me. I'm in the USA.

Thanks, Lina ;)
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I too live in the USA. I have DVD's of The Tribe season one. I could make copies for you.

Could you please? I would appreciate. However, I don't have anything on the Tribe in terms of magazines or anything like that to trade.

~~Lina ;)
I am sorry, I have not checked this site for sometime. Have you gotten a copy of The Tribe yet? I have a copy of season one on 8 DVDs. Not the best copy but watchable. Let me know if your still interested.

Sure, I'm still interested. But I will let you know I can't pay or exchange anything Tribe because I don't have anything Tribe.


March 13 2008, 01:05:53 UTC 10 years ago

i have all 5 seasons live in rochester ny willing to make a deal i am looking for the 2 books powerand chaos and the malls rats :( maybe can work something out lol anthony_the_great_4
I tried emailing you, but I receieved back an error message that the email addy you posted no longer exists.

~~Lina ;)